Long time resident at top of the Dune requests to Open the Dune

Below is a letter recevied from a third generation MB resident:
When I was a kid in the 60's, I loved to slide on waxed cardboard down  Manhattan Beach's Sand Dune, near my house. My mom, who also grew up  in Manhattan Beach, ran free on the dunes in the 30's.  I'm saddened  to hear now the Dune may be permanently closed, to keep people away. My Grandpa, Ralph Dorsey, Los Angeles's First Chief Traffic Engineer,  worked tirelessly on MB City Council, and as Manhattan Beach Mayor, to  expand recreational opportunities. Manhattan Beach recognized his  efforts by naming Dorsey Baseball Field in his honor. He'd be dismayed  to see Sand Dune Park closed out to kids and adults-- that's not how  Manhattan Beach used to work. Our family has a house up near the top of the Dune, and we sympathize  with neighbors who are concerned about overuse. Luckily, there's a  sensible middle ground, a compromise, allowing the Dune to be shared,  with some well thought out regulations. Let's hope Manhattan Beach realizes how blessed we are to live in this  golden slice of California Coast. Let's keep recreation open to all! Kathryn Gray