James says, Sand Dune is being held hostage by a handful of households!

The sand dune in Manhattan Beach that had been open to recreation has been closed since August with no sign of reopening it. Some residents complained about various problems, none of which have been substantiated. Since according to the city park worker at Sand Dune Park and Manhattan Beach Police there have been no arrests of visitors to the park and few tickets issued, the accusations that the residents made were largely baseless.

One reason why I moved to Manhattan Beach - The Dune!

The Sand dunes have been a very important part of my life for the past 37 years.  In the last 3 years I have finally become a Manhattan Beach resident.  When I purchased my home 3 years ago, one of the residual values outside of living next to the beach that pushed me to invest in the area is “The Sand Dunes.”  I used to frequent the place as a child with my parents and now I frequent the place with my son.

Long time resident at top of the Dune requests to Open the Dune

Below is a letter recevied from a third generation MB resident:

100,000+ cancers now attributed to Obesity - Free the Sand Dune to combat this epidemic!

Obesity has now been officially linked to causing more than 100,000 cancers annually according to a 2009 policy report from the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research fund.  At least a half a dozen types of cancer are believed to be directly affected by obesity and  “as time goes on, we’re realizing that obesity is related to more cancers than we originally suspected," commented Dr. Donald Hensrud at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.

Sand Dune costs less than 3% of the $5 million budget

During the past seven months, costs have often arisen to distract us from actually addressing the primary issue of over-usage.  However, at less than 3% of the $5 million Parks budget, I offer a challenge for anybody to find a better return on investment than the Sand Dune has continues to offer year in and year out.  Seriously, is there any other park in the South Bay that provides for so many users as the Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach?

Free the Dune Beach Rally Video on YouTube

A few hours in 4 1/2 minutes:

Free the Dune Beach Rally wrap up!

The sun broke out just in time to shine its light on the Free the Dune beach rally sponsored yesterday by CORE! Over 120 signed the petition while they were enjoying the festivities as well as sharing how important the Sand Dune is to them and/or their families.  The walk to the top of the Dune with Free the Dune signs in hand marked the end of a perfect day of solidarity to publicly express to the city of Manhattan Beach to Free the Dune once and for all!  Check back for pictures and videos.

Free the Dune! Beach rally on Sunday.

Kerri Walsh donates an autographed volleyball to CORE's Beach Rally!

While all of us know how dominating Kerri Walsh and Misty May have been on the courts, most of us may not realize how hard Kerri works off the court with her "Chase the Stars" foundation to provide health and wellness opportunites for our youth.
Yes, Kerri Walsh is also a user of the Sand Dune and hopes a compromise will be found that addresses the neighborhood concerns but will allow continued recreation access that will inspire the next generation of atheletes.

The reality is, there is actually no substitute

It may seem obvious, but the reason why the Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach as been so successful for so long at motivating people to regularly exercise is - there  is nothing else like it! Or as a local resident had recently reported in the Easy Reader: