Mission: To encourage and enable healthy lifestyles throughout Manhattan Beach’s outdoor recreational areas, as well as to promote their public access and respect to the local neighborhoods

During the fall of 2009, a group of concerned residents came together regarding the closing of the Sand Dune for public recreational access.  In January 2010, this grassroots coalition officaly formed an organziation named CORE* – Citizens for Outdoor Recreation & Exercise. Since then, we have spent a considerable amount of our own personal time and resources to engage the public and city government.

While CORE's initial efforts are focused on the opening of the Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park, CORE will continue to promote access and awareness throughout Manhattan Beach’s public recreational areas. With obesity, diabetes, and heart disease at epidemic levels in our community, CORE will continue to encourage public recreational access to combat these alarming trends.


Below is the initial list of those more visable public figures that agree to CORE's petition and objectives below:

  • Joanne Edgerton – Board of Directors, Beach Cities Health District
  • Candice Myhre, MD., Emergency Medicine Physician, MB resident
  • Todd Dipaola – Manhattan Beach Environmental Task Force,
  • Jeff Atkinson – Mira Costa Graduate and US Olympian
  • Peter Demaria- Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts commission
  • Christopher Godfrey - Manhattan Beach Leadership
  • Edward Myska – Executive Vice President, Bank of Manhattan
  • Todd Campbell – Manhattan Beach resident and former Mayor of Burbank
  • Steve Krum -Manhattan Beach resident, Manager Spectrum Healthclub
  • Donald Scoles – 20-year Environmental Planner, Manhattan Beach property owner

CORE Sponsors Free the Dune Rally

See March 21st's Free the Dune Rally Higlights Here

CORE Submits Proposal to City Council

CORE's Two Stage Recommendation for a Common Sense Compromise*

The following summary of compromises should be focused on peak-period usage hours only as during the majority of the day, usage of the Sand Dune is relatively minimal.

Stage 1

  • Reduction of peak usage hours
  • Annual paid usage permit of $25

This would cost nothing to implement as well as significantly reduce usage, but if further restrictions required:

Stage 2

  • Reservation System (only during peak usage hours and/or weekends)
  • Quota System

*oversimplified version, full detailed copy available by email request.


CORE's Objectives & Actions

CORE's primary objectives are:

  1. Promote awareness and access for physical health and wellness.
  2. Educate the public about current issues.
  3. Provide information for each individual to personally engage themselves in the process

CORE’s Actions to Date:

  1. Attended all relevant city meetings since August 2010
  2. Met with each City Council member
  3. Contacted other city officials and commissioners
  4. Solicited endorsements for CORE
  5. Designed and submitted reasonable solutions for most advantageous compromise
  6. Maintenance of public awareness through www.sandunepark.com website and accompanying social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter)
  7. Promotion of relevant City and Public events
  8. Multiple campaings direct at petition signers
  9. Direct mail and door flyers to the 10,000+ households of Manhattan Beach
  10. Blogging and social media

    Please feel free to join us by signing the petition or contact us with your own comments or ideas. As we are a personally funded community group, please consider even the smallest of donation by visiting the donation button on the home page.

    * CORE has recently applied for non-profit status as a 501(c)3 corporation