The Dune is back - a partial victory for exercise and common sense!

Last night, the City Council agreed to continue 40 years of tradition and to re-open the Sand Dune for exercise.
Thanks to a majority of Manhattan Beach residents that signed the petition, wrote letters to City Council, and attended last night’s meeting – one of the most treasured recreational destinations for the past two generations will now be there for the next generation, albeit with far less freedom.
Unfortunately, a highly restrictive reservation system will effectively reduce individual usage by 70%.  Moreover, costs are still being debated which could add an additional burden of up to $1,500 annually for a family of four that would regularly use the Sand Dune. 
On the one hand, CORE and its thousands of passionate supporters accomplished what looked to be impossible last year when the Dune was shut down with no end in sight - not only has it will it now be opened, but it has opened without being planted and at least a small minority will be able to exercise once again. 
On the other hand, what has been the most successful destination for motivating people to better their health and wellness in the entire South Bay for the past four decades has been effectively reduced to a shadow of it’s former self.
However, with your continued support, CORE will continue to advocate for increased usage opportunities as the final details are being evaluated during the next two weeks

Way to kill a park

Thanks for helping the city kill a wonderful neighborhood park. In order to make you happy the city will now erect ugly fences to keep people off the hill. The new system will drastically reduce the parks users, and you're to blame. thanks for making it harder for a native manhattan resident to use a park, which will now look more like my gym. and cost more $$$ to visit, even though I already pay taxes for the parks in this city.

Sand Dune - a 40-year tradition secured but too restritive

Hi Anonymous - Thanks for your opinion and the funny thing is we absolutely agree on the same thing - the highly restrictive reservation/cost decided upon was not what either side wanted and will penalize local residents the most.  Ironcially, the reality is, the Sand Dune Park would have had free, regular access to all if a handful of households understood that this is a public park for all residents, not just for the neighborhood.  As stated in the 1970 General Plan, this was to be built for recreation for the community.  Moreover, far from a unique situation - there are at least two other small neighborhoods that have become popular recreational destinations- the Steps in Santa Monica and Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood - both of which have found more common-sense compromises because both sides actually participated in solutions.
CORE is not at all satisfied with the City Council results, but at the very least - a 40-year tradition, 30 of those being used for adult exercise, will once again be allowed and more importantly children will now be allowed to play on the Dune once again!  
We would be happy to work with you to advocate for a solutions that does not penalize Manhattan Beach residents the most.  In fact, this is exactly what CORE submitted to city officials.
In the end, the 630+ residents, most to which the Sand Dune Park is their neighborhood park are not happy with a highly restricive system that will reduce usage by 70%+, but we are confident that it will be demonstrably less used then it was last summer before it was closed.