City Recommends Draconian Measures when the Dune reopens!

City staff has made available their report of recommendations for opening the Sand Dune.  Unless you attend the upcoming April 13th, meeting, exercising on the Sand Dune as well as in Sand Dune park may become illegal.  If allowed, then draconian restrictions would cost  regular user over $300 annually. Even if you have the money, a reservation system for the entire day, not just peak usage times will penalize Manhattan Beach residents the most.  Just a few highlights:
Normal 0 Ordinance 12.48.053 Special rules for Sand Dune Park.
The following rules shall apply to conduct in Sand Dune Park:
A. No exercise or fitness activities may be conducted on the dune.
B. No exercise or fitness activities may be conducted in the grassy areas of the park
Page 27
which are reserved exclusively for passive recreation and permitted organized activities;
B. Running and jogging on stairs and walkways is prohibited;
C. Sliding down the dune in any way is prohibited.
As used herein the terms “exercise” and “fitness activities” include but are not limited to running, jogging, vigorous walking, calisthenics, use of weights or any other exercise aid
or device, or any other activity designed to elevate heart rate and rapidly burn calories
or stretch or develop muscles. Neither term shall include walking at a moderate pace