100,000+ cancers now attributed to Obesity - Free the Sand Dune to combat this epidemic!

Obesity has now been officially linked to causing more than 100,000 cancers annually according to a 2009 policy report from the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research fund.  At least a half a dozen types of cancer are believed to be directly affected by obesity and  “as time goes on, we’re realizing that obesity is related to more cancers than we originally suspected," commented Dr. Donald Hensrud at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.
The Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach has perhaps been the most successful destination at encouraging regular recreational usage and should be embraced rather than eliminated.
As mentioned before, perhaps no other public park has motivated so many people for so long to continusouly exercise as the Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach.