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Free the Dune! Beach rally on Sunday.

Letters to the Editor

Writing letters to the editor is another good way of supporting this effort. If you have the time to write a rational, passionate & powerful letter explaining why exercise is a benefit of the park, please take the time to do so. Take a look at this week's letter about the dune.

Will walking be banned in our public parks?

The dune at Sand Dune Park has been closed for five months, and will be closed at least three more. At a recent City Council meeting, dozens of residents spoke of how they enjoy walking the dune for exercise. Yet some City Council members seem determined to ban “workouts/exercise” on the dune. This is being proposed under the guise of preventing the dune from being a “regional workout facility,” but in fact it would seek to ban adults from walking up the dune for any reason. I’ve lived on the plateau atop the sand dune for eight years.