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Daily Breeze letter hoping common sense prevails!

We are thankful to the Daily Breeze for allowing our voices to be heard:

Manhattan Beach City Council Members- How will the vote?

Well, nobody knows for sure, but after reviewing local media only two members have already publicly taken a position: Richard Montgomery has openly supported to reopen the Dune, but Mayor Ward has expressed his support to close it. However, we will all know tonight. Please check back to see how they voted and it is up to all of us to keep our representatives accountable!

Jake's Excellent Compromise to Open and Control the Dune!

Since most all of us agree that reducing usage would help mitigate many of the issues the local residents have, Jake, also a Manhattan Beach resident, has put together a very interesting and comprehensive proposal. Please view:

Keep the Dune open from Manhattan Beach residents

While there have been many local residents who have signed the petition, here are just a few comments: “The sand dune is a natural wonder that doubles as an affordable and strenuous gym” and is “…an extension of our beach and our community”. Graham Simon “Recognize that the park is for all of us. As noted by many, the park is public space, not neighborhood space. Everyone in this town pays taxes to ensure public spaces are available for our use” Dennis Fitzgerald “I hope that we can find a good way of dealing with the Sand Dune park issues and soon. We miss it”.

30 Years of exercising on the Sand Dune

While enjoying the Dune as a workout destination has become more popular over the years, it has nevertheless been used by locals and professional athletes alike for this purpose since the late 1970’s as described by two Manhattan Beach residents at the time: “I remember back in 1978 when our Physical Education teacher at Central Junior High School would tell us about working out with some of the Los Angeles Lakers, like Kareem Abdul Jabbar to see if they could run all the way up the Dune” Donald Scoles “I can still remember the first time I was introduced to exercise on the Dune by a fri

Facebook Community

Don't forget that there is a community of fellow Duners that can be found by searching and joining the Facebook Group, at then search under group category "Manhattan Beach Sand Dune"