The Myth that their is a real debate about the Sand Dune

The myth of this seemingly endless Sand Dune debate is that there actually is a debate to begin with! The majority of Manhattan Beach residents agree to solve the peak usage issue, but not at the expense of simply walking up and down the Dune.

Olympian and Mira Cost graduate Jeff Atkinson supports the obvious – Recreational exercise should be encouraged not eliminated

Will walking be banned in our public parks?

The dune at Sand Dune Park has been closed for five months, and will be closed at least three more. At a recent City Council meeting, dozens of residents spoke of how they enjoy walking the dune for exercise. Yet some City Council members seem determined to ban “workouts/exercise” on the dune. This is being proposed under the guise of preventing the dune from being a “regional workout facility,” but in fact it would seek to ban adults from walking up the dune for any reason. I’ve lived on the plateau atop the sand dune for eight years.

Do not be misled - cost and environmental issues are not legitmate concerns!

While I will not go into detail here and recommend you review the "Get the Facts" hyperlink on the home page, you will see how these two issues simply fall apart upon common sense analysis. However, they do serve as convenient and populist distractions. Plenty of low-cost, easy to implement solutions have already been submitted by multiple parties and seemingly continue to be ignored. Please continue to email City Council at to express your support to open the Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park for recreational exercise for all.

This issue is NOT unique and is NOT complicated

Having had the opportunity to explore and exercise in many small neighborhoods in LA County, I am perplexed why our City Council would not follow many similar precedents. Just two examples I have personal experience with are "The Steps" in Santa Monica and Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood. Both are located in small neighborhoods, have minimal parking and have significantly grown in popularity. However, neither of these City Council's shut these recreational destinations down, but rather worked together to implement solutions.

Dune Supporters have their say in this week's Beach Reporter

This website agrees and supports those letter by Jake, Mickey, and Bill: The Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach has been allowed public access for recreational exercise for almost 40 years and reducing usage does not have to come at the expense of this 40 year tradition.

20 years ago, Sand Dune helps train LMU's Cinderella season to NCAA final eight!

As the 20 year reunion of LMU's historic 1990 basketball season, Loyola Marymount players says working out at the Sand Dune 20 years ago helped them considerably. As teammeber Roscoe cites: "We were joking about (the conditioning) too," Roscoe said. "Everybody hated that Sand Dune Park over in Manhattan Beach. That crushed us." see full story:

Local Media's Coverage of January 19th City Council Meeting

City Council Votes to Re-open the Dune - kind of!

At about 1am this morning, the Manhattan Beach City Council came to two conclusions - the Dune will open once again, but not as a workout facility. Without a doubt, the overwhelming of all you that signed this petition contributed to our number one objective - the re-opening of the Dune. Unfortunately, the second conclusion was that the Dune will not reopen as a "regional work-out center". However, this may not preclude recreational walking. So, what does this mean?

Save the Dune - Save the Park

While this issue is focused upon the Dune itself, there is no question that since the Dune closure in August, usage by families and individuals has dramatically decreased. Maybe this issue is about making sure the public will continue to use the park after all? Recent Flyer that explains how you can help: