Living at the top of the Dune for 3 generations & still enjoy using the Dune!

Your thoughtful letters to the local papers are having their intended effect of expressing the true spirit of the Sand Dune.  Below is just one example with links aftewards directing to more recent letters:

Do not throw out the baby with the bathwater!

As the public record reflects, the increase in usage has come just as much from children and families as any other single demographic!  Moreover, Manhattan Beach Police consistently remark that there is no crime and the vast majority of users are respectful. 
Other popular recreational areas such as the "Steps" in Santa Monica and Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood, have faced exactly the same situation as their small neighborhood's became host to thousands from outside their community. 

Free the Sand Dune, Save the Park!

There is simply no denying that the 40-year tradition of enjoying the Sand Dune is what makes this public park alive.  I thought I would share a recent letter from Lillian in Manhattan Beach that captures this very point: 
My grandchildren are sad that they can no longer climb up the sand dune. Without access to the dune, they no longer want to go to the park. Their ages are 6, 11, 12, and 14. I am also sad that they cannot do something that is good for them, and that they enjoy so much.

Endorsements for CORE!

Below are just some of the more visible public figures who have personally endorsed CORE's objectives:

Obesity now identified as National Security Threat!

According to a recent report by Mission: Readiness, an organization made up of retired admirals and generals, found that an alarming 75 percent of all young people aged 17 to 24 are unable to join the military - primarily because of obesity!  The report found that 27 percent of young adults, 17 to 24, are too heavy to join the military. Every month hundreds of potential recruits fail the physical entrance exam because they are too overweight.

Legend of Sand Dune Park author, Julia Tedesco passes away

This is more of a personal note as the last time I saw Julia was a few months ago upon her return from the hospital.   I purchased, and Julia autographed, about a dozen of her children's book about the Sand Dune Park as I wanted to share this local author's book with family and friends.  While Julia did not approve of how the Sand Dune has become a regional work-out destination, I very much valued her expressing her opinion and more importantly the history of the Sand Dune.

Most recent AMA statistics confirms the importance of exercise!

It seems perverse that exercise may potentially be eliminated rather than encouraged at Sand Dune Park especially when you consider the most recent statistics as reported by the American Medical Association in January that found over 60% of adults, 30% of children, and 10% of toddlers are either obese or overweight- a major risk for diabetes and heart disease.

The Audacity of Exercise!

After reading over 350+ remarks from those who added comments when signing the peitition, it has inspired our group to work harder for CORE to continue to seek a compromise that will allow for adult and youth access to walk up and down the Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park. 
These comments reflect an amazing and diverse account of why the Sand Dune has become perhaps the most successful recreational area at motivating people to exercise in all of South Bay!

Coalition is formed - CORE - Citizens for Outdoor Recreation & Exercise

I would pesonally like to recognize the 2,300+ residents that have either signed this petition or joined it's Facebook page.  As a result of this truly grassroots effort, a few of us have formed a new organiztion called CORE to further organize our efforts.  Please contact me,, if you feel you could provide any additional ideas and/or organizational skills.

Letters to the Editor

Writing letters to the editor is another good way of supporting this effort. If you have the time to write a rational, passionate & powerful letter explaining why exercise is a benefit of the park, please take the time to do so. Take a look at this week's letter about the dune.