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After one year, Sand Dune to reopen August 2nd for exercise

Although we are happy that the City Council listened to the majority of Manhattan Beach residents to reopen the Sand Dune to continue a forty-year tradition, these new rules went way overboard and we will require your continued support to hopefully improve upon this environment when the Sand Dune is reviewed in a few months
Here is the link to make a reservation to use the Sand Dune

Rare flower discovered in Dune proximity

During the past few weeks, there has been some attention drawn to the fact that a rare flower, the Pincushion, has been discovered.  Fortunately for both Dune fans and flower fans, the area of discovery was not on the traditional path of Dune usage and should be no serious cause of alarm or further delay the opening of the Sand Dune.

Sand Dune Update - August now is target date for reopening

Well, the more optimistic predictions of opening the Dune by June have now creeped into August.  This will mark a full year that the Dune, a 40+ year tradition for family fun and a 33+ year tradition for exericse, that the Sand Dune has been closed for adults and children alike.  Feel free to contact the City Manager direct, at Normal 0

Local wins Kerri Walsh signed volleyball!

The Sand Dune has been an inspiration for both Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings as both were hoping for a common sense compromise that would bring peace to the neighborhood while still allowing for adult usage. 
In that spirit, Kerri was gracious enough to allow CORE to giveaway a signed volleyball to one lucky supporter of CORE's advocacy to open the Sand Dune with reasonable limitations during peak-period usage.

Local Coverage of April 13th's meeting

Just in case you would like to see how the local media covered the meeting, here you go:

Mayor Ward's questionable decision to limit direct democracy!

Knowing that the City Council's next meeting about the Sand Dune could have a record turn-out, Mayor Mitch Ward should be commended for scheduling a special Manhattan Beach City Council meeting devoted just to the Sand Dune.  Moreover, Mayor Ward should also be recognized for moving the meeting to a special venue to accommodate a potentially record breaking crowd.

The Dune is back - a partial victory for exercise and common sense!

Last night, the City Council agreed to continue 40 years of tradition and to re-open the Sand Dune for exercise.
Thanks to a majority of Manhattan Beach residents that signed the petition, wrote letters to City Council, and attended last night’s meeting – one of the most treasured recreational destinations for the past two generations will now be there for the next generation, albeit with far less freedom.

Visual Map of the 500+ Manhattan Beach residents who have signed the petition

The Sand Dune at Sand Dune Park has thousands of supporters and here is just some of the many that live nearby and want to continue usage:

City Recommends Draconian Measures when the Dune reopens!

City staff has made available their report of recommendations for opening the Sand Dune.  Unless you attend the upcoming April 13th, meeting, exercising on the Sand Dune as well as in Sand Dune park may become illegal.  If allowed, then draconian restrictions would cost  regular user over $300 annually.