While the below description accurately describes the beginning of this website in 2009, in 2010, we formalized this movement into a local coaltion called CORE

The primary focus of this website will be the Sand Dune that is located inside this three-acre park that provides a multipurpose recreational activity which is enjoyed by children, adults, and family alike. Rather than promote the usage of the Sand Dune, the purpose of this website to advocate for immediate and continuous public access to this one-of-kind recreational activity and to give a voice to the vast majority that actually utilize it’s unique experience.

As far as we can ascertain, the Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach is the only opportunity for a zero impact, incline/decline workout in Southern California! The Sand Dune in Manhattan Beach’s Sand Dune Park stands alone by providing an outside, total workout of cardio and muscle with zero impact to the body. This is what really separates the Sand Dune from any other facility around Southern California. Moreover, climbing up and down the Sand Dune especially benefits all those users such as athletes and aging active people with knee and back injuries that would otherwise be unable to enjoy an uphill/downhill exercise and strengthening routine..

As with most parks and beaches in Manhattan Beach and surrounding communities, the recreational usage of these areas has substantially increased over the years. As a result, this growth has most significantly impacted those local residents adjacent to Sand Dune Park that are confronted with increased traffic and noise. Therefore, it is recommended that, if you are going to visit Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach, please be aware and respectful to these concerns by the local residents.

Unfortunately, this local neighborhood is now putting considerable pressure on the Manhattan Beach City Council to shut down the Sand Dune indefinitely

If you currently are a “Duner”, please become active and make your voice heard by contacting City Council directly or by signing this virtual petition .For either option, please indicate if you are a Manhattan Beach resident.

Otherwise, it is very likely, this one-of-a-kind facility that your voice, as one of the thousands each month that utilize The Dune will be not be officially recognized. Please keep involved as this issue evolves, and feel free return and see what comments and positions the residents, local media, and especially the individual members City Council have taken.

Make no mistake about it, if you are a current user of the Manhattan Beach Sand Dune, your future access is in serious jeopardy so please take 20 seconds and sign this petition now.